Sports Apparel and Child Labor Laws Overseas

ver since 60 Minutes did a television program all on the apparel industry and the textile sub-sector citing the sweatshops in various cities in the United States, people have been very concerned with human rights abuses from employers. Of course what we had seen in Los Angeles in metropolis-clothing the sweatshops is nothing compared to what happens in China.

In fact many people are worried about child labor laws overseas and those low cost goods coming to the United States and in essence the middle class buying consumer in America is promoting more sweatshops. Can you see the problem here?

Next, we have to ask ourselves if their children playing on the local soccer team, Little League or high school track team are indeed wearing uniforms that were made by children being abused as cheap labor.

This is rather disconcerting because on one hand we are trying to teach children hard work ethic and to practice and learn teamwork by playing sports when in fact they are wearing uniforms that are made using disgusting labor practices, which violate human rights and child labor laws overseas.

Perhaps we might like to think about this and consider the ramifications. Please consider all this in 2006.

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