How To Correct Posture – 5 Simple Steps to Get The Right Postur

How to correct posture may have been known by people who spend so much time working on a desk facing the computer. For sure, those who are reading this now have been told many times during their childhood days to stand erect and breast out. This is an advice from our parents and our beloved teachers which we have forgotten over time.

Although we have thought by our teachers the proper way of correct posture, it seems like it just faded in our lives and just disregarded the idea. May be because we were too young to know it, and we were too young to feel the effects of a bad posture. And now as we grow old, back pains, headaches and all other body pains invade us, something we never expect to happen and something we are not aware of the main cause of pain. bad posture has greatly affect what you experience now, those pains in your back, bad posture may not be the main cause but it is on contributory factor you never expected. Am I right?

Your posture can be affected with different factors such as your state of being obese and overweight, poor sitting and standing habits and absence of ergonomically designed chairs and desk on the workplace especially when overloaded with works. As such, having a correct posture may not be that important to you just like losing weight, but this is one habit that really needs to be refined and cultivated and must be followed in all the walks of our lives. There are a lot of benefits that good posture can give you as much far as your health is concerned. It allows you to function well with good circulation, breathing and joints stability as you move or at rest. If you could just only realize the importance of correct posture, you will get bound and live with this.

Learning how to correct posture is not that a difficult task. A constant reminder and the willingness to change are the main ingredients and once you follow these steps below:

Maintaining a correct posture is not a hard task and usually you will feel the change in you once you start to follow this on a consistent basis.

1. Understand What is a Good Posture.

There are beliefs that standing up straight can give tension to your back, as in dragging your chest in and out and pulling your head down into the chest. This is not actually a bad posture. You have to know that the spine has two natural curves to compensate when bending. These are double C or S curves. These are found from the base of your back part of the neck and to the shoulders, and from the upper back going down to the spine. Have you observed it? Now, do not abuse the normal curve, so in standing, you must stand straight and your weight must be equally distributed to your feet.

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