Going Places – Here’s an Easy Way to Pay For Your Travel

Travel season is just ahead. Those wonderful weeks of summer when you waved farewell to neighbors and friends as you headed out to explore the wonders of destinations far away and close to home. But this year, reports from destinations around the globe reveal that travel reservations are thin because of the slow economy. Domestic attractions are feeling the economic crunch as well davao hotels.

Americans simply aren’t on the move, as they have been for so many years. Even retirees who are known to be avid travelers have to rein in their activities to stay within the limits of their fixed incomes.

Hopefully your travel plans haven’t been impacted too severely by the falling value of the dollar. But if they have, there’s a way to have lots of fun while reducing the drain on your personal treasury. Consider travel writing. Record what interests you the most on your next trip and tell the world about it. You don’t have to be a professional travel writer to create an article that will interest readers back home.

Think of it as simply telling your friends what you saw as you probably have done countless times verbally. Take lots of photos. When you return home, polish up your notes and turn them into a worthy article. This time, however, you’re not just talking to friends and family about what you found. You’re telling them in print, and you’re going to sell the words that you have written. It’s not as difficult as you might think if you follow some common sense rules.

Before You Leave

Well before you start your trip, spend time researching your chosen destination more carefully than you might have in the weeks before departure in the past. Head to the library and review travel books on your target destination. Perhaps invest in the best of what you find to take along with you.

Use the Internet to research the place, the people and find the particular features you choose to write about. Look for unique aspects. Take notes that you can follow up once you arrive at your chosen location. Your first step after you arrive is to confirm that what you learned from your research is accurate.

Your presence on the scene will allow you to spice up your story with anecdotes, quotes and the perspective of the locals you meet and talk with. With that level of preparation, you’ll be able to make the best use of your time, and still leave much of the day and evening for fun.

Picking the Subject

One very effective way to get started is to think in terms of a subject with which you might be most familiar. Find the ways in which other cultures deal with that subject. The field in which you currently work or perhaps worked in before you retired can serve as a relatively easy way to begin your travel writing experience.

For example, you’re a baker, perhaps a nutritionist, a chef, a maitre d’ or possibly a housewife with a strong interest in cooking. Talk with restaurateurs or chefs in the places where you dine. Compare their output to ours here in the States. How do menus differ? What are some of the specialty foods your contacts make? What is the signature dish of the destination? There’s your story, ready-made for your local newspaper’s food section or for one of the food magazines.

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