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Why It Is Time to Re-Imagine Our Education System

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Longer than a century back, our instruction chiefs endeavored to decide how the American educational system could uphold the requirements of the mechanical economy. The subsequent study hall model—characterized by an accentuation on center ideas in English, arithmetic, and science, instructor driven exercises, and conventional evaluations, generally met that objective. imagine-education Today, our training chiefs ….  Read More

Injured on an E-Scooter? A ‘Mobility Promises Board’ Might help

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As scooter, moped and bikeshare plans proliferate within the nation, safety fears bordering shared micromobility continue to be. Riders of electrical scooters in particular have personal injury charges that both cities and repair vendors have struggled to address. And due to the fact most riders click on absent the scooter operator’s liability upon renting, buyers ….  Read More

registering heightened anxiety

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Ryan and Julia looked at each other in horror. “Oh, God,” Julia put her hand to her mouth, biting back tears even harder now. “Daddy?” Now little Emily’s voice was registering heightened anxiety. She wanted an answer about her pet. “We can’t worry about Lucy right now, sweetie. We have each other, and Lucy might ….  Read More