Main Stream Arrival

Main Stream Arrival of In-Memory Computing: 2012 has seen major releases in the In-memory computing space. This means that 2013 is the most opportune year for its growth as many enterprises would leverage this technology in their BI implementations. Greater and more diversified kinds of data can be processed through its columnar architecture resulting in better processing of Big Data and even better extraction of actionable insights.

BI on Cloud: Although currently BI on cloud accounts for just 3% of the revenue, 2013 onwards would see a lot more happening in the cloud space. A Gartner study indicates that many CIO’s welcome the BI on Cloud as it frees them from the hassles of infrastructure management and maintenance. This also comes along with the benefits of flexibility of usage and cost savings for the enterprise. And it is especially useful for SME’s who have variable work load demands.

The above are thus, most definitely some of the ‘would be’ key trends of BI in the 2013. And indeed as BI reaches towards its hall mark this year, the benefits of this progress can only be derived by those enterprises that have clarity of their business goals and remain focused towards achieving these objectives.

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Car Tips That Are Essential To Every Driver

Truly, significant arrangements, tests, and support schedules ought to be on your rundown of needs, alongside those other fundamental requirements you believe you need to deal with for your family. In this economy, there are not many families who need to continually supplant their vehicles, since cash is tight everywhere on the country. Any safeguards you can take to set aside the cash that you have so legitimately procured is a generally excellent thought, and isn’t just about as hard as you might suspect.

A portion of the tips you ought to make sure to follow with regards to your vehicle are straightforward, for example, checking the oil from time to time. The motor of a vehicle should be greased up, or probably it will seize up, and the vehicle will basically be pointless, and your well deserved cash washed down the channel. A straightforward examination consistently is something you can do at home that will take you a negligible measure of time to do. Keep the oil at the suggested level, and when it comes time to get the oil changed, make the arrangement, and figure out how to get it going.

Keep your vehicle perfect and liberated from flotsam and jetsam. Things left in the rear of the vehicle can assemble things like microorganisms or shape, however can be perilous to the upholstery, rug, seats, and different things in your vehicle. On the off chance that you are wanting to have the option to exchange that vehicle some time or another for a more current and more pleasant model, you should deal with what you have, keeping it in as great a shape as could be expected.

Utilize a passing mark of gas. Also, we don’t really mean diesel. The proprietor’s manual stuck in your glove box will most likely have the suggested evaluation of fuel proposed by the actual producers. On the off chance that you follow this, and buy your gas from a decent source, almost certainly, your vehicle will last more and serve you better than something else.

Do what you can also to get your vehicle far from harm brought about by daylight, climate, and cheats. On the off chance that you have a carport, it is an extraordinary spot to store a vehicle. It guards it, and may even shield the paint from enduring down and breaking off.

Basic hints, for example, these can go far towards broadening the existence of your vehicle, allowing you additional time with it until another one is required. In the event that you deal with your vehicle, it will deal with you, and you may even get a good deal in transit. Also, who wouldn’t appreciate that?


Fancy dress costumes : How you can Earn The Fancy dress costumes Competitors

Fancy dress costumes : How you can Earn The Fancy dress costumes Competitors

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How you can earn the fancy dress costumes competitors having a small truthful cheating

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Wearing to visit a celebration is actually something however needing to replicate as well as spice up because another person or even a good item is actually an additional issue. The Fancy dress costumes celebration may just imply something and that’s outfits in which you are needed or even anticipated to replicate a graphic or perhaps a appear as well determine associated with somebody well-known and so on. Searching great is actually the primary concern whenever going to events however with regards to attiring as well as decorating ourself being an alias may without doubt consider lots of cautious preparing?

Fancy dress costumes events are extremely well-liked and intensely prosperous to express minimal within supplying amusement for all you visitors that take time in order to spice up. For those who have already been asked to some Fancy dress costumes celebration then you can possess difficulties asking yourself that or even things to proceed because. Don’t stress there are several fantastic web sites on the internet to visit looking for with regard to suggestions with regard to outfits.

If you learn this particular a good challenge attempting to choose a good ensemble after that allow it to be much more fascinating through requesting buddies close to that will help you select as well as help to make the actual ensemble of the option. Keep in mind fancy dress costumes events tend to be enjoyable : therefore no matter the completed outfit appears like it won’t truly issue simply because this really is enjoyable things : simply if you became a member of within as well as taken part within working is sufficient. Nevertheless ought to this particular be considered a competitors for top ended up individual within fancy dress : after that issues alter.

Distinctive suggestions are likely to enable you to get observed as well as certainly place a person within the operating associated with declaring the very first winning prize. Just a little truthful cheating might help a person consider the actual honor of the highest quality outfitted individual within fancy dress. The way you request, nicely without a doubt, your own very first proceed is really a small investigation to discover more on the actual web host from the celebration as well as their own preferences within songs : films as well as Disney figures as well as go through presently there : for instance when the celebration web host is really a your woman as well as enjoys soft and cuddly has after that Winnie the actual Pooh it’s

In the event that this particular fancy dress costumes event has been kept for any guy as well as their adore is actually from the marine as well as drinking water sports activities then you definitely understand the perfect outfit which will earn the actual fancy dress costumes competitors absolutely and that’s the actual baths outfit like this on the Baywatch toddler : this particular concept is perfect for ladies just unless of course the actual man web host occurs in order to baseball bat for that additional aspect.

You will find a lot of Fancy dress costumes choices as well as suggestions to select from : journey for your nearby division shop which offers within enjoyable events as well as look around as well as as a result you might simply show up trumps : there`s a concept Jesse as well as their spouse.


Timeless crest � High quality and additionally fancy

Timeless crest � High quality and additionally fancy

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This is specially people who want to buy it for alligator skin area supplements.

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ous jewelry, alligator belts, alligator credit card, north west belts, chopper dresses, specialty credit card, cowboy belt, imitation leather supplements

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Style a unit or possibly accessories which might reel in a large amount of curiosity it’s always imitation leather, can be very relaxing all the belt or even coat or even fantastic grip back pack, ıt’s going to desire place the purpose. Snake cases and additionally crocodile cases really are frequently used by setting up all of these beautiful creations. Despite the fact imitation leather and additionally imitation leather affiliated supplements are really a amount extravagant, they are simply important for their more dependable superior quality. The one solution most people really need to be conscientious approximately at the same time you will discover imitation leather can be to indicate to all the impact approximately great and additionally faux imitation leather. People who can�t easily afford superior fee just for grip handbags and additionally purses, all of these faux imitation leather gear really are a very easy opportunity still however these are on the substandard quality superior quality and additionally don�t go on 50 % of in the event that the real your. All the shine teeth whitening and additionally clasps put into use are likewise very likely to rusting and additionally the break point by means of benefit from.

In these days, the moment persons will work and additionally biking at the top of the market trend, the requirement to check wonderful, choosing a wonderful credit card or even back pack will get imperative. Kinds of types of imitation leather handbags accessible to men of all ages, which you’ll find large, experience dozens drawer to make sure you stash most of the press for and additionally easy fold. A lot of still can come with telephone number attach unit just for essential safety functionality at the same time toting round top secret press. Still all the personal computer handbags experience an array of memory space pant pockets and additionally video poker machines include writing equipment as well valuable. Train wheels whether can come with all the back pack or possibly is fitted getting simple and easy at the time of travel around. Just for trinkets, situations take advantage of the list for the person embossed relating to the external for the back pack getting check increased uninterrupted sleep and additionally fancy. Built to satisfy the aim, there is purses that is included in visa or mastercard cases, and additionally targeted money just for get rid of transformation. There may accordingly an extensive determination accessible to the person who would like to have a announcement along with the gear the person contains.

Debating wives, at the moment they are simply each trained eligible and additionally really need to be latest located at valuable get together and certain still dash business owners from the personally own. Every so often as long as they really are enrolling in a gathering, all the grip back pack individuals keep or possibly all the belt they are simply making use of on the beautiful clothes should collect a persons vision about your lover. That should relax in most of the your thoughts on the get together which usually person so, who sends very much care about the things individuals utilize positive i will pay for too much or even more curiosity for succeed.


Name: Elevator Footwear — How you can improve elevation as well as develop higher along with elevator footwear

Elevator Footwear — How you can improve elevation as well as develop higher along with elevator footwear

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Each and every guy includes a need to appear higher, that is certainly an optimistic attribute in order to emphasize a person’s character. A guy associated with brief elevation needs to fulfill a lot associated with struggles, possibly these people visit a fitness center or even go through treatments to be able to improve couple of in . within their elevation. However the footwear business htollywood movies
as taken a finish in order to this kind of concerns. They’ve created elevation growing shoes which can make any kind of guy appear higher immediately. Additionally, this can include upto your own self-confidence.

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Each and every guy includes a need to appear higher, that is certainly an optimistic attribute in order to emphasize a person’s character. A guy associated with brief elevation needs to fulfill a lot associated with struggles, possibly these people visit a fitness center or even go through treatments to be able to improve couple of in . within their elevation. However the footwear business has taken a finish in order to this kind of concerns. They’ve created elevation growing shoes which can make any kind of guy appear higher immediately. Additionally, this can include upto your own self-confidence.

The interior producing of those elevator footwear is actually so that following putting on all of them, the actual elevation of the guy may improve through two in order to four in .. The actual constructed from the elevation growing shoes is extremely inimitable. Within the inner constructed from the footwear, the gentle cork can be used which accounts for a rise within the elevation. The actual elevation increaser concealed within the footwear doesn’t provide any kind of uncommon appear. It’s been therefore formed as well as positioned within the footwear how the outdoors appear is comparable to any kind of regular system footwear.

These types of footwear are created bearing in mind the standard, design as well as the most crucial comfort and ease. Lightweight can also be among the best crucial options that come with the actual elevator footwear. With this particular function, it’s not necessary to give up about the comfort and ease concern. An additional distinctive element is actually it assists within sustaining a great position. Additionally, these types of footwear tend to be made from best leathers as well as satisfy the higher requirements, which means you don�t need to be worried about the standard concern.

These types of unique footwear are available in a variety of types as well as dimensions. Therefore, there’s a huge assortment of the actual elevator footwear that you should select. The number consists of footwear with regard to activity occasions as well as workplace in order to informal put on as well as official events. The actual elevator activity footwear tend to be therefore comfy that you’ll not just appreciate searching higher tall but additionally you’ll benefit from the activity much more positively. And when you will a unique celebration putting on the actual elevator footwear, you’ll indubitably end up being encircled through the organization associated with women. These types of footwear not just cause you to higher but additionally improve your own look as well as cause you to more appealing.

Right now, the people along with smaller elevation do not have to jealousy the actual higher males until time they’re putting on these types of elevator footwear. Therefore, proceed as well as check out these types of special elevation growing footwear. The actual elevated elevation won’t construct self-confidence within a person but additionally will certainly provide a good yes sensation of the wellness.


Are you aware Associated with Look of your hair Understanding Day time?

Are you aware Associated with Look of your hair Understanding Day time?

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04 thirtieth may be the day time to comprehend hair-styles. Occasionally it’s known as Hairstylist understanding Day time. In either case this really is some thing distinctive.

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04 thirtieth may be the day time to comprehend hair-styles. Occasionally it’s known as Hairstylist understanding Day time. In either case this really is some thing distinctive. In the event that this is actually the method to commemorate times, we shall start getting value the actual type grass day time, value the actual metropolitan areas day time and so forth. However great deal of thought, hairstylists perform perform a large component for making all of us really feel great.

Within the contemporary times, performances credit card debt, occasionally an extremely huge difference. The actual multi-ply million buck anti-aging business depends upon which need to appear great. Therefore perform style creative designers as well as make-up business. It’s forget about getting older while you perform or even appear because character created a person or even put on easy clothes using the primary goal associated with addressing your self. It’s just about all varies greatly right now.

The very first wrinkle can make individuals hurry for their physicians. No one really wants to appear older. Individuals wish to appear just as if many years created absolutely no distinction for their appears. Oahu is the grow older associated with cosmetic plastic surgery to appear more youthful, and purchasing the most recent lotion or even cream which guarantees youngsters.

The actual clothing tend to be no more basic clothing to create a person include the body, however to produce a style declaration. Most recent custom put on that could appear unusual sometimes is within fashion. Individuals are looking for the initial appear which wishes coveted by. Similary make-up isn’t any lengthier an ordinary basis or perhaps a easy lipstick. It’s a large chance for the actual aesthetic business to market concoctions which will create a 80 12 months appear seem like among 16. It’s just about all unusual however accurate. We all have been obtaining bulk awestruck through the large corporates within behaving because they would like all of us to complete. Why don’t you locks stylists after that?

In the end hairstyle additionally can make the declaration. You could have the hairstyle which makes a person seem like the thinker or even one which provides you with the sporty appear. It’s forget about reducing the actual locks as well as hair styling all of them, however it is actually much more associated with providing you with the appear which will cause you to really feel various. Tend to be all of us not really dropping the actual heart and soul associated with existence in most this particular?


Use a Currency Converter

After globalization and the arrival of the Internet, many businesses are spreading their wings in various different countries and bringing in the culture of multi-currency business. Here we are referring to two types of businesses; first, we have these businesses where you are required to exchange currency every now and then because you are paying your clients on a regular basis. Suppose you are an Australian trader working with a US firm and a firm in Saudi Arabia, then in this case you are required to pay them in their respective currencies meaning, you are required to convert Australian dollars to $US and Riyals.

Most of the firms working in the business domain of currency conversion mainly thrive on Mid market rates, it means they benchmark a rate in the beginning of the day and if a given currency is performing below that rate at a given point of time, even then they keep on selling the currency on their bench-marked rate. If a currency starts performing better, then they change the bracket and increase its rates.

In the past it was a successful business because a currency converter as a tool was not available in common domains, however now a currency converter is easily available on the Internet as a tool being offered by sites like currency kart.One can always check the current rate and reverse bargain with the currency traders in order to get the best deal. A currency converter tool has added a kind of transparency in the game. In the past traders were very generous about service charge free services because their profit was hidden in the shell of mid market rates. A currency converter tool changed this equation drastically. Now same traders are battling it out with each other by cutting down the service charges and it is a win-win situation for the customer.

A Currency Converter Is a Boon for the Companies Dealing with Multi Currencies on E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce platforms have changed it all; a person sitting in France can purchase anything from the USA and pay him with the help of E-commerce. In normal cases, various shopping portals support these transactions and provide a currency exchange option in-built with most of such transactions. It sounds good but there is a catch, here once again you are required to abide by the mid market rates offered by the shopping portal. An online currency converter gives you this power to estimate the current exchange rate between a pair and pay accordingly.

It means now you can exchange currency online and then pay your bills on a shopping portal when you are doing some multi-currency shopping. If you are doing it in India then you can access the services of concurrency, this site has changed the currency exchange scenario in India and brought these transactions on an online platform. Now quite a lot of people are getting the advantage of the online currency converter provided with live rates and addressing many international multi-currency deals with the help of this converter.


Music for Corporate Entertainment

For a long time I have provided music for and played in groups that give music to corporate diversion. Customers have included Audi, The Evening Standard, Sainsburys, P.C. World, Safeways, Large corporate customers at Henley and Ascot, I.T.V. furthermore, H.M. Depository. In light of this experience I felt it would be pertinent in putting down certain pointers in assisting customers with picking the correct sort of music for their specific corporate diversion.


Inquiries the person needs to pose are:

Is the music explicitly for diversion or is the music for foundation tuning in?

Do we need one style of music from the beginning in the procedures and afterward a difference in style later in the days/nights diversion?


xDigital Marketing Training

Hearing a lot of buzz about Digital Marketing? Wondering what’s all the hype about? Read on!

As the digital marketing field continues to grow at a rapid pace, marketers are springing with new opportunities. A Digital Marketing Training Course has been created keeping in mind current industry standards. It is an initiative designed to educate students and professors in the field of Digital Marketing. A certification from Google is the best way to make your CV stand out. It will portray you’ve got genuine digital skills, and that you are motivated to work in today’s business world.

Digital marketing promotes both products and services using digital technologies, like Internet, mobile phones and many other digital mediums. Students that complete the course and get certified will have skills learned that help them shape their strategy for the competition.

Here are few kinds of marketing techniques by which promoting takes place – Your website, Blog posts, eBooks and white papers, Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Earned online coverage (PR, social media, and reviews), Online brochures, Branding assets like logos, fonts, etc.

Here are some tactics used Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing. The best part about Digital marketing training is that it can work for any business in any industry regardless of what companies are selling, marketing still involves building out buyer personas to identify your audience’s needs, and creating valuable online content.

There’s approximately 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020 and not enough digital professionals to fill them. This provides those studying digital-marketing course with a unique competitive advantage – you’re gearing yourself up for a career where demand exceeds supply. Always a good move. Rarely a week goes by without a new onslaught of digital Marketing jobs announced for multinationals and national brands.

Digital-Marketing training is “Evergreen” career choice. The marketing, technology is constantly evolving, hence need for re-skilling is must these days. Churn your future with an impressive digital job.

Search Engines

Since most people enter the web using a search engine, knowing how it works and knowing how to make oneself visible through a search engine is paramount. Through search engine marketing you can create a brand presence, or make a sale, or get a customer lead that can later be closed through direct marketing channels.

Knowing all options that are possible for branding and marketing through search engines is necessary to be a good promoter for a company.

There are 5 strategies for search engine marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Contextually Targeted Text Ads

Paid Inclusion and

Digital Asset Optimization

Companies that use SEO and PPC are the highest.

Facebook and other Social Media Marketing

One must understand the complex dynamics of people interaction on social media. People interact with a brand while on social media either by seeing an advertisement, or Facebook page, or a picture etc. and they comment on the product or share or give feedback to other friends and relatives. Cashing in on this social presence is a part of digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Giving a consumer an option to receive emails about the product, discounts, offers and events. They must be relevant and interesting and motivate the consumer to go to the business website or buy.


Building a website with a logical hierarchy in its navigation based on the goal of the website is an important skill to acquire. Website can be of HTML, PHP or WordPress depending on our interest.

Mobile Media

Since most of our population spends more time on mobile phones than on desktops and computers one must learn how to adapt ads, webpages and social media images to the mobile phone.

Many companies have a mobile app for purchase of product and that too falls under the purview of digital marketing.

To be an expert in the field of digital marketing one must have knowledge on how to bring together a campaign on all platforms simultaneously. Knowing how to link email to Facebook, Instagram, tweeter and your web page.

Digital Marketing is a huge and exciting field that is progressing fast. Companies are forever on a quest to find skilled digital media personnel to help grow their business. This is the only way businesses can stay ahead of their competition.


iPods and Podcasting for Learning and Sales Enablement

The Corporate Podcast Push

What do Duke University, IBM, Capital One, Newsweek and Barenaked Ladies all have
in common? Answer: they are all reaching out to staff, students, and customers with
a new and powerful tool – podcasting. You may have heard about podcasting from
your kids or on the news, kyseii but podcasting is much more than some phenomenon
started by the rock and roll or techy crowd. Podcasting is a powerful communication
tool being used to reach global and mobile audiences, save people time and, most
importantly, really connect with their audiences in news ways – in today’s
communication/message glut. But let’s take a look at what podcasting is, who is
using and why it is so effective for both business and individuals.

First, we’ll look at the size and scale of the podcasting phenomenon…

— A recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that more than 22 million American adults own Ipods or and MP3 player and 29% of them have
downloaded podcasts or listened to podcast that have been “pushed” to them. That
equates to 6 million people listening to podcasts. Market researchers and analysts
continue to buoy up podcasting’s future with latest figures suggesting a US
audience alone of 56 million by 2010.

— Jupiter Research recently predicted that US digital music player sales would
grow to 56 million by 2010, up from 16.2 million in 2004 and by 2010, three-
quarters of all people who own portable digital music players will listen to podcasts,
a growth from less than 15% last year.

What is podcasting?

Whether you describe it as the greatest communication tool since email, or as an
RSS feed for audio, podcasting is a way to “push” audio content to subscribers for
virtually zero cost. Podcasting allows anyone (me, you, IBM, or NBC) to post audio
content that gets pushed to any subscriber’s desktop and then directly to their iPod
or MP3 player. This is global. Anyone, anywhere can “tune in” to your podcast and
learn what you have to offer or say. You don’t need to be NBC with a global
distribution infrastructure. Now people can “subscribe” to a podcast and have new
content “pushed” out to them without them having to surf the web, download MP3s
or burn CD’s.

Ideas/Stories/Voices ? Audio/MP3’s ? Internet ? PC ? MP3

All the arrows go in one direction. Once someone has subscribe to your podcast,
your content get “pushed” out to them. There is no turning in to stations with
podcasting. You don’t have to visit a website to find streaming podcasting. Podcasts
show up (pushed) when new content is produced. If you are a subscriber, you get
the podcast right then. All you need is an Ipod or MP3 player of any kind for
listening, thus the word podcasting.

The term “Podcasting” is derived from the iPod (Apple Computer’s popular device
for playing compressed audio files) and “broadcasting.” Podcasting allows for audio
files that would have been previously downloaded and played on a personal
computer to be automatically downloaded and listened to on portable music playing
devices (such as the iPod and other MP3 players).

Having originated in the world of blogging, some have even referred to podcasting
as “audio blogging.” For many, podcasting is a logical next step from blogging. As
Business Week Senior Writer Stephen Baker observes, “The heart of the podcasting
movement is in the world of blogs, those millions of personal Web pages that have
become a global sensation. In a blogosphere that has grown largely on the written
word, podcasts add a soundtrack.”

Now that you know what a podcast is, let’s look at where they come from: who is
producing the “pushed audio content.”

Who is producing podcasts?

The answer is wide ranging. Teenagers, techies and rock musicians were early
adopters. Today you see the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Business Week, ESPN and news
programs of all types producing, distribution and marketing podcasts. The number
of podcasts available is growing at a very rapid pace. In late 2004, there were close
to 500 podcasts available. Today there are over 10,000 different podcasts to choose

Now that podcasting has becoming more mainstream, corporate and non-corporate
organizations are getting into the act, using podcasting to connect with customers,
students, staff and partners. Here are some examples:

— Duke University handed out iPods to their entire 2005 freshman class so they
could receive podcasts that included university news, class work and social content.

— Capital One University has handed out over 3000 iPods to support corporate
training and communications. This includes, leadership training, sales, customer
service and other topics.

— IBM has created podcasts to show their thought leadership to customers
investors and prospects.

— Keane Inc. has handed out over 100 ipods to their global sales force to share
training, customers’ stories and organizational content.

Why have these and other organizations gotten into podcasting? They have gotten
into it because they know their audience (whether internal or external) is inundated
with text-based content: emails, articles, the web portals, and marketing messages.
Podcasting allows them a unique medium to reach and connect with their audience.

iPods will be part of Duke University’s new Duke Digital Initiative (DDI). “We’ve been
focusing on iPods and other mobile computing, but our wider goal is to integrate
technology broadly into the teaching and learning process,” said Peter Lange, Peter
Lange, the university’s provost and senior academic officer. “The iPods have helped
jump-start this process, and we plan to keep pushing ahead.”

Listeners love podcasting because it delivers rich content directly to them, in a form
that allows them to save time, control what they hear and listen to while
commuting, working or whenever it works for them. No longer is learning tied to a
book, PC screen or web portal.

Content is still king in any communication, especially recorded podcasts. Podcasting
is the delivery tool. Compelling content ensures continuous listening and not a flip
of the power switch or turn of the dial.

Should you podcast?

Podcasting is not answer to all your learning and communication problems. As great
as audio is, like any medium, it has its limits. While audio allows users to multi task,
it is not easily scanned – which means you consider the listeners needs very
carefully. You must provide value.

Corporate podcasting is different that individuals or media podcasting. The
standard for a corporate podcast is much higher than for individual or media. Your
staff and customers expect certain from your communication with them. You can’t
just offer long-winded rants, self serving commercials or cute content. It is all about
value. When producing that value, ask yourself; who and how will you produce your
podcast? Who will review it and how? Will you get it transcribed? There are legal
issues to consider as well.

Despite these issues podcasting can be simple. Once you have determined your
format and established a process the whole process gets much easier. Still
podcasting takes a proactive effort, a planned approach, creative development and
the courage to try new things. But if you have the courage, and are willing to put the
front-end work into it podcasting and mobile audio can provide huge benefits. If
you would like to:

— Reach a global audience

— Connect with that audience in a new and effective ways

— Save your audience time

— Share the passion, experience and stories of your business

…try podcasting – it works!

© 2006 Tim Keelan, StoryQuest Inc.

Tim Keelan is the founder of StoryQuest Inc. A Chicago based firm that produces peer-based mobile audio learning and communication tools. You can reach Tim at or by calling StoryQuest at 312-258-0111.