Solar Thermal Energy – The Difference Between STE and Solar Panels

I became one of the top volume sellers at the major business liquidation website in 2003, having sold over $250,000 in auctions.

The positive aspects of selling on large business auction portals are as follows:

1. Their members are looking for products to resell. Your website audience is targeted correctly and you will receive many page views of your listings.

2. It is a very effective way to sell  Steigercentrum voorloopleuning  large quantities of the exact same product.

Example: If I had 100 DVD players,of the exact same make and model, it would not make sense to list them all at the same time on eBay. It would flood the market which lowers the pricing and bids.

3. The sales price for each of the 100 DVD players sold in a single lot on LCOM is almost identical of the single DVD player being sold on eBay. (This allows you to move quantity shipments, which in turn allows the purchase of more product).

4. Having an auction venue which allows a seller to move a large load of inventory quickly to cover the cost of the purchase also allows the seller to bid more aggressively from the wholesale sources.

The negative aspects of selling on LCOM are:

1. If a dispute arises for any reason, payment is held at LCOM. Dispute results are heavily leaned toward the buyer.

Example: I had an action clearly listing used items that were scratched and dented,

but fully usable. Even though the items were sent back and found to be fully

functional, I was charged fees and lost time in the relisting.

2. If a buyer’s dispute is upheld, the seller is charged shipping both ways and LCOM will receive the full 15% commission. This can be very expensive! Avoid disputes at all costs!

3. Fees are higher than eBay. The minimum listing fee is $250 or 15% of the auctions final bid.

4. There is no contact with the customer. This limits your ability to build a relationship with them. Having to go through a third party adds about 7 to 10 days for any completed auction. When an eBay auction closes, you receive payment and the product is shipped the same day.

LCOM uses a different approach to online auctions than eBay. eBay allows the buyer and seller of the items to have complete contact with each, either via email or phone.

LCOM’smethod is to act as the agent for both the buyer and the seller.

They will forward questions to the seller from potential buyers in which the seller responds in the question and answer section. On the website LCOM also accepts payment, arranges shipping, and handles any disputes that might arise.

The auctions duration ranges from 3 to 10 days. LCOM does not allow sniping. Bidding is extended every 3 minutes until no more bids are placed in that time frame.

Tim Gilberg is able to provide information and insight from a unique perspective – that of someone who is actually doing what others just talk about. Ebay Power Seller Platinum Status was Attained by Tim Gilberg, which is one of the highest sales levels attained selling on eBay. Tim is active on Ebay and as well as consulting and working with other Top ebay Power Seller’s to give you real life in use insight, not theories. Visit Tim Gilberg at his website Make Money on eBay

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