Timing Is Everything – Successful Marketing for Your Dance School

When marketing your dance studio, it’s not only crucial to know your target audience, but to know the best time to set up a campaign.

While marketing your dance school is a never ending process, you should understand who your target audience is and when they are most responsive to your message. As a manager or owner of a dance studio, the classes you offer may attract students of all levels – both kids and adults. You should consider this when launching your marketing campaign. Get to know your target audience by visiting and marketing to the locations they frequent often. Such locations may include:

• Day Care centres
• Community centres
• Dance festivals
• Colleges and Universities

When marketing adult dance classes, it’s especially useful to visit your local college or university. Students are always looking for opportunities to learn something new, enhance their skills and meet people.

Once you have researched your target audience it’s time to launch a marketing campaign in order to gain interest in your dance school. When launching your campaign, it’s important to remember that timing is everything. Every target market goes through periods when they are interested and receptive to learning about new products and promotions. Back to school advertisements, for example, start appearing midsummer, when students and parents are thinking about shopping for the upcoming school year.

As a dance school, it’s wise to consider launching your marketing campaign with the back to school promotions. After all, telling potential students they should sign up with a new dance school will not have as much of an impact in October as it would at the beginning and end of summer. In October, many students may have already signed up with programs for the year. By marketing your dance school in the summer, you are reaching out as students begin thinking about trying something new and will therefore be most receptive to your message.

Once you have researched your target audience and when they would be most interested in learning about your dance school, it’s time to make contact.
Below are some tips to help make your dance studio marketing campaign a success, using colleges and universities as an example:

College or University Newspaper
Using a strong, clear message, create an advertisement and place it in several pages of your local college and university newspaper.Campus Radio
For a small price, advertise your dance school on the local college or university radio.

Hand out flyers at your local college or 町田 ダンススクール university campus. You could also distribute flyers around the neighbourhood where you know students live.

Online Advertising
Students spend a lot of their time online. Contact dance clubs associated with the University or College to inquire about sponsorship and advertisement opportunities on their websites. Place an ad on Facebook and join discussions in online student forums to quickly get you in front of your target audience.

By determining who your target audience is and the time when they are most receptive, you can easily capture the attention of potential students and launch your dance school to success.


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