Chinese Astrology – The Use of the 10 Gods

By using the 10 gods, it has simplified a lot complex procedures. The ten gods are not only in helping determinate the characteristic of the DM – Day Master in the natal chart but also gives an indication on reading the luck pillars or decade pillars.

The 10 Gods are a bit difficult to bazinga manage at the beginning. However, once you have fully understanding the meanings of the 10 Gods, you have gained a giant leap into the world of Chinese Astrology – Four pillars of destiny.

So what are the 10 Gods?

The Chinese Sages used the 10 Gods to simplify the relationship between the Wu Xing or Five Elements. Just to remind you that each element has Yin and Yang. Yin wood is Yi and Yang wood is Jia. Yin Fire is Ding and Yang Fire is Bing and so on.

The Ten Gods are also known as the Variable Stars. The Ten Gods are like the variables in computer programming. They store different kinds of information about the natal Four Pillars or Bazi Chart. The Ten Gods are variables between the Five Elements too.

The following demonstrates the way:

In Wu Xing theory,

Water enhances Wood,
Wood enhances Fire,
Fire enhances Earth,
Earth enhances Metal,
Metal enhances Water

From the above, a special term is given to any one of Five elements enhance another element. It is called RESOURCE.

Water enhances Wood. Water is the Resource to the Wood.

On the other hand, Water is used by the Wood. Wood drains Water. As a result a special term is given to Wood from the Water point of view. It is called Hurting Officer or Eating God. An easily way to remember is that an Element is eating away!

Wood help Wood,
Water help Water,
Fire help Fire
Earth help Earth
Metal help Metal.

In such helping situation, it is called Self-Element or Sibling Element help. Yin element helps Yin element or Yang element help Yang element, it is called Self-Element help.

Wood controls Earth
Earth controls Water
Water controls Fire
Fire controls Metal
Metal controls Wood.

One element controls another element, Say Wood controls Earth, Wood is the Power to the Earth. In Ten Gods it is called Officer or 7 Killings.

On the opposite side, Earth is conquered by the Wood. Earth is the Asset to the Wood. In Ten Gods, the name is Direct-Wealth or Indirect-wealth.

By employing the Ten Gods in the Chinese Astrology Four Pillar Natal Chart, a Chinese Astrology consultant is able to see the followings:

1. The relationship between the Day Master and other Heavenly Stems
2. The relationship between the Day Master and Earthly Branches.
3. The Ten Gods show the Yin and Yang Symbols.
4. The relationship between the Day Master and its Parents, Siblings, wifes, friends, kids, boss…
5. What is the career path
6. Good luck bad luck, promotion, demotion,
7. Increase or decrease of wealth and so on.

Edgar (Lok Tin) Yung, has been using Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology including Four Pillars or Bazi and Ziwei Duo Shu to assist the Chinese community in Melbourne, Australia, since early 2000. In that time, Edgar has regularly contributed Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology articles to two local Chinese weekly magazines. The BaZi and Ziwei Dou Shu techniques employed by Edgar will help you understand your Personality, Potentials Wealth, Health, Career Path, Relationship and Luck Cycles.

His Feng Shui methods have the power to further enhance your Health, Wealth and Relationship sectors. In 2007, 2008 Edgar was interviewed by ABC Radio 774 Lindy Burns and Jon Faine respectively. During the interview with Lindy Burns, Edgar was asked to predict the election out come which was more than 9 months prior to the election. Edgar’s predict was correct.


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