Guide on Wearing Jewelry

Wearing jewelry can add touch of elegance to your appearance. Special events or grand parties are being flooded by individuals that wear elegant dresses and beautiful jewelries attached to their body. If you’ll notice, both beautiful and not so beautiful style of jewelries is always center of everyone’s attention. Actually, the blame is not on jewelry itself. Designers won’t create ugly jewelry for everyone’s center of laughter that would be embarrassing to his creation. But rather most of the time, it is a wrong pick and knowledge on how to use the jewelry in a right way. A man should wear the jewelry, not the other way around, this means that jewelry can make and break someone’s outfit. The right jewelry should allow a person to standout with beauty and elegance with less effort. It is important to learn some care tips for jewelry so that they always look like new.

Jewelry is considered as one of the most important accessories that add beauty in finishing the desired complete look. If you are clueless of picking and wearing the right jewelry (like any other jewelry fashion victim), here are some helpful tips to guide you.

In wearing necklace, whether it has less or more strand, always make it tucked in your shirt. Otherwise, you’ll end up with tacky and childish look.

Nowadays, you can wear a ring on your thumb, your pinky, or just any other finger, just be sure that it complements well with your attire and matches the occasion. Stay away with disproportionate large size rings, they will just make your fingers and hands look smaller. Avoid also wearing multiple rings since it looks too gaudy.

* In wearing bracelets, always remember the general rule which is do not wear it too tightly around your wrist, nor letting them slide through your arms.

* Like any other jewelries, there are also particular earrings you should wear in a particular event. It is not appropriate to wear diamond stud at the beach neither wearing punk-inspired earrings during a red carpet event.

* Metallic wristwatches go better with geekowear  an evening suit, while leather watches are better in a casual event.

* Avoid wearing too much jewelry. Tons of jewelry attached on your body can be cluttered and confusing and can destroy your look. However, you can wear several accessories for as long as it complements well with your outfit, just for example, layering handmade glass bead necklaces or anklets if you desired a more laidback or bohemian look.

* You only have to wear jewelry that has the right length and size. Don’t wear overly large size jewelry since they look too showy. Wearing too small accessories look awkward with big person. Don’t combined too large jewelry with small ones, just like thick necklace and tiny stud earring combination, this would really look bumbling.

* Different types of jewelry can use for different events. Feel free to wear jewelry anytime and anywhere to boost your image and enhances your overall appearance.

Different jewelry needs different cleaning methods, some easy cleaning tips for Swarovski jewelry are easy to find if you just do a quick Google search. Swarovski jewelry is expensive so keeping it clean is important in making sure that it last you many years. No matter what type of jewelry you have keeping it clean will always help make it last and look good when wearing it. You don’t want to wear dirty looking jewelry, the sparkle is what make it look good.



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