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You don’t need extensive consumer reports. Teeth whitening products come in many different shapes and sizes. The problem is that consumer reports and product reviews give fairly limited views and experiences with the products. We all still have our very own teeth. This means that just because someone else had one experience with tooth whitening or tooth bleaching products doesn’t mean that you’ll share that experience.

What matters that consumer reports teeth whitening products neglect to mention?

Mitigating Factors

When it comes to consumer reports, consumer reports teeth whitening products are not always explained carefully to explain that mitigating circumstances like smoking, dental health, coffee drinking, wine drinking, and countless other environmental factors as well as genetics play a critical role in how effective some products will be at whitening teeth.

The Commitment Effect

One thing that people often forget or overlook when it comes to consumer reports, teeth whitening products or otherwise, is that the level of commitment of the use will also impact how effective the product will be. If you aren’t committed to brushing with the tooth whitening toothpaste as prescribed (even if it’s five times daily) then the product is not likely to be effective. You must follow the prescribed treatment to get the desired result.

What really isn’t all that important in the long run?


Oddly enough you will find incredible products and complete and total duds on all ends of the price range for teeth whitening products. Keep in mind that the mitigating factors above will come into play. With that in mind pay close attention to the consumer reports. Teeth whitening products that offer a money back guarantee or almost always going to be a better buy. It limits the risk and gives you, as the consumer confidence.

Becoming an informed consumer is an excellent idea. Just remember that consumer reviews are still a compilation of opinions and experiences. It makes it a little more difficult to find the truth when the products reviewed work differently for all.

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