Discover the Colourful Potpourri of Singapore!

With one of the best airports, astonishing attractions, cross-cultural culinary scenes, and prosperous retail hotspots, it is not so hard to understand why Singapore is the starting point for many odysseys. The country offers a seamless blend of many cultures like Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western, making it an amalgamation of vibrant trends and traditions. From Little India to the aromatic delights of Chinatown, the heritage of the country and the modern glitzy hotels make it the best place for a sizzling getaway with friends and family.

Its museums reflect a lot about the history and culture of the country, while the flora and fauna give your family or group one of the most memorable and interesting tours. The children are going to love the underwater parks where you can see the stunning beauty that exists beneath the waters. You can also hit the Mint Museums displaying toys which will be a delight to your little ones. As you tour and go sightseeing, one things that you will just not miss is the delight in shopping. Apart from being one of the premiere destinations in terms of sightseeing, it is also a shopper’s delight. Whether you are looking for high-end stuff or bargains, you can find a variety of spots maximising your pleasure.

The iconic Merlion, which is Singapore’s national lion, is what has made the country stand distinctly amongst the most tourist clad destinations. The Merlion is situated at the mouth of the Singapore River and is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. The Merlion symbolises Singapore as a Lion City. Head over to the Marina bay Waterfront Promenade where you can capture a panoramic view of famous icons giving a picture of the vibrant nightlife and entertainment options. The luxurious Marina Bay Sands has a variety of shops and also houses the Art Science Museum, convention centre and hotels. One of the striking features here is the Sky Park that connects the three towers and has a long infinity pool at the top. Next in line is the Singapore Flyer which stands tall at 165 metres and is a treat to the eyes for both kids and adults, offering a bird’s-eye-view of the region.

At Little India, you will be experiencing an abundance of sights and sounds. As the name itself suggests, it is where you will be spoilt for choices if you shop for jewellery, traditional Indian clothing, spices and more. As you enter Chinatown, the authentic food, souvenirs, and other traditional shopping items await you. Earlier the hotspot was home to the early Chinese settlers, and is now a hub of cultural enclaves.

Sightseeing here has its own perks as you get to know a lot and there are many photogenic moments. However, a required aspect of tours and vacations is rejuvenation which you can get at the Sentosa Isand. Known as the ‘tropical isle of peace and tranquility’, it offers a huge assortment of attractions. Its highlights include Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park, Underwater World oceanarium, Fort Siloso – having restored underground passages and bunkers used for World War II, Sentosa 4D Magix Cinema, and Sijori Wondergolf – 18-hole miniature golf course. The Universal Studios Theme Park has seven zones – Madagascar, Lost World, Palace of Far Far Away (Shrek’s world), Ancient Egypt is where you will see mummies, and other zones having Sci-Fi futuristic city, and American themes.

Enjoy buzzing nightlife at the Boat Quay and the Clarke Quay which have a number of waterfront restaurants, bars and clubs and you can even take in the stunning views along the Singapore River. The crowd dances to loud music topped with thrilling atmosphere. If you think you have had a lot to take in with these sights and attractions, a great way to conclude your tour could be at the Singapore Zoo. The zoo houses thousands of rare animal species and you would love to see the uniqueness of each. Here you will find that all animals live in their natural habitat with open cages. The lions, tigers, Hippos and polar bears can be seen easily roaming around or living out in the open. The zoo is also a great vehicle to educate the public about the ecosystem.

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