Stop “Charging What You’re Worth” and Use This No-Fail Formula Instead

How many times have you heard experts tell you to “charge what you’re worth”? Sounds like a good idea, but…
Do you get stuck in trying to figure out what YOU are worth?

Charging what you think you are worth can bring up some serious self-doubt, confidence issues and overwhelm.

I find that when holistic practitioners and heart-centered coaches try to charge what they’re worth, they end up getting caught up in a tangled mess of emotions and realize they have a lot of “self-worth work” to do before they can actually “charge what they’re worth”.

All that self-work is necessary and a good thing. I’m 100% for doing this work to better understand yourself! But…
Don’t wait until you’re perfect and have YOU all figured out (which could take years!) to start charging the prices you really desire for your services.

Stop charging what you’re worth and start charging what your work is worth in your clients’ lives.

Just follow my simple 4 step Transformation Formula…

Step 1 – Charge for the Transformation – Stop charging what you’re worth and start charging what you’re WORK is worth. Clients aren’t paying for your worth, instead they’re investing in their own worth. And what they are seeking is a transformation. So what is the transformation of your work really worth?

Start by looking at the value of the transformation you help people achieve. To determine the value of the transformation, look at the 5 key life areas and determine what transformation occurs in each area for your clients when they work with you and what the real value of that transformation is.

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