Night Lights Keep the Monsters Away

If you’re like any parent, experienced or new to the game, then you’ll appreciate the invention of the night light. Young children and even some adults have a strange, unnerving fear of the dark and because it’s dark there’s bound to be something lurking about in the shadows, closet or even underneath the bed. Whatever it is, a night light seems to solve all of that and thankfully so. Without night lights parents wouldn’t be able to get any sleep without interruptions from their kids thinking that there’s a monster under the bed waiting to eat their toes!

It’s funny that kids (and again, even adults) have children’s lighting these fears; yet, it’s natural to have these fears. Maybe it’s a learned trait from watching too many scary movies at night, or perhaps it’s all just an inherent fear of the dark. But what’s even funnier is that kids believe that as long as there’s light, that should detract all things burly and scary. Offering a sense of security for children, night lights are an ideal way to add a soft ambient effect to bedrooms, allowing children to fall asleep peacefully. After awhile, night lights might not even be needed for children because as they get older they tend to forget about their fears of the dark.

That’s not to say that night lights don’t serve other purposes. For example, they come in real handy in lighting up hallways. Since they’re usually positioned closer to the floor (because that’s where electrical outlets and sockets are located), those who wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason will have less of a chance of running into things as long as there’s a night light on within the vicinity.

Other than keeping the monsters away and preventing you from going bump in the night, night lights are an essential in helping your child ease out of his or her fear of the dark. And for any parent, that means having a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep.

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