Corona Gold Exchange

alculate the real value of the gold in your possession.

To know the true value of the jewelry take the price of gold as it is listed on NASDAQ, then divide that by 31.15 grams (by that we mean the grams in one ounce) then multiply that by its karat purity. When you set out to betrouwbare corona testen sell that gold your aim should be to get as near that price as you possibly can without expecting to get the market rate outright. Remember that the buyer has to make some money out of the deal, but don’t allow him too large a margin to play with. That’s the huge leverage you gained from the knowledge that you have directly researched.

One of the best things you could do as a seller is to approach a trader or firm that’s been in the business for a pretty long time, time enough to garner repeat business and to create a good reputation. Such people are less likely to dupe you because there is nothing to be gained over the long term from ripping off customers. Sooner or later these shenanigans catch up with the fraudster and he loses out on good business. The honest dealer sustains and grows his business from a growing clientele.

If you come armed with all the facts you can skillfully negotiate with a trader to get a better rate but it’s just the opposite when a dealer is online and anonymous. You end up spending more money on shipping, postage and insurance and bank collection charges (on the payment) besides enduring the delay and possibility of missing your gold in transit. Basically, you have little control over the gold once it leaves your hands.

If you know the math and the value of your gold you can safely negotiate quoting the dealer that the price you insist on that still leaves him a 10% margin. He is bound to abide by that logic and he knows for sure that you are not a customer to be trifled with. The sensible trader understands that give or take a few dollars ultimately he is not just there to make a sale work, he is there to get a customer for life with trust and a show of good faith.

If you are tempted to sell your gold and would like professional assistance in assaying its value and availing the finest price for your gold, visit Corona Gold Exchange at 2214 Vesper Circle #E-2, Corona, CA 92879.

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