Travel to Tamil Nadu: A Pleasant Destination

If you are getting an opportunity to travel in South India, then do not miss the journey to Tamil Nadu. Even it is the eleventh largest state in India by area and the seventh most populous state. It is a wonderful and attractive tourist place in South India and you can explore the cities like Chennai, Madurai, Mahabalipuram with this city tourism. This city has numerous temples and beaches. The longest beaches are Marina beach; there are some other beautiful beaches which include Kanyakumari beach, Rameshwaram that give you to spend your complete and unforgettable vacations here. The visitors are mesmerized after seeing the creativity of temples in this place. It is the best tourist spot for your long journey. Tamil Nadu tourism also provides you an opportunity to understand about it’s culture and the popular dances and festivals information. So, take some time out from your regular hustle bustle and plan for this exotic tour our to make your journey more exquisite.

Tamil Nadu Temples

Tamil Nadu has a specialty in temples which are located in different places. Aru Padai Veedu Lord Murugan temples are located in Tamilnadu, Kanchipuram, one of the most sacred and religious Hindu pilgrim centers in India is also called the ‘Land of the Thousand Temples’, Arunachaleshwar temple at Thiruvanamallai is one of the biggest and grandest Shaivite temple in South India, Suchindram temple, Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple or Meenakshi Amman Temple is located in the holy city of Madurai. Apart from that others temples are Tirunelveli Temple, Trichy Temple and many more.


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