Islamic Judge Says Christian Convert Mentally Insane

An Islamic man who changed over to Christianity is called crazy by judge. Goodness, great PR move by the Muslims? Essentially state the person is crazy, let him go, individuals in Christian World are cheerful and the Muslim devotees presently realize that solitary a crazy individual would leave the Muslim Faith for Christianity? Do I see an example here? Wake up all you strict maniacs on all sides? Religion is the issue with the world. Every one of you are crazy. An answer to this remark was welcomed by Hector who expressed;

“Spear I will generally concur despite the fact that I think it is the coordinated religion part that is hazardous on the grounds that you have huge gatherings of “genuine adherents” all arranged all set and their is consistently somebody prepared to misuse that.

Yet, Amy obviously sees it very different and Amy says; “Really the punishment for reprimanding Islam is beheading….. Furthermore, any individual who leaves Islam for Christianity IS insane”

To be sure they planned to cut this folks head off, so truly which is more crazy; religion or this Christian Convert? Gracious my God? You must mess with me. In the event that you don’t have a place you are outcaste. On the off chance that you convert they slaughter you. Also, this is by one way or another adequate? Legitimate with basic freedoms; obviously in Catholicism they attack young children here and there? Why not simply dispose of all religion totally? All religion should go, it is just mass visualization and brain subjugation? Think about mass annihilation of mass dreamlike religions; every one of them.

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