How to Create 3D Animation?

So, here you are, wondering how to create 3D animation from sketch. Well, the simplest way and most important part is to get your hands on a software that is specifically made for creating 3D animation. I will give you my recommendation on the best and most easy to use 3D animation software in the end, but for now – read on.

This article is written for the people who are passionate about creating 3D animation but had little to none experience. As a beginner, you will need a plan before you get your hands dirty.

The first step, plan out the details of the animation you want to make – the story line, the character, the background, is this a project for fun or is it something serious. How long and complicated is this project going to be? Consider these questions carefully, because they will be crucial guidelines for you to stay focus. Trust me, it’s really easy to lose control when making on a 3D animation.

The second step, set up a timeline for your project. How many hours, days or weeks do you want to work on this project. Just as first step, this is extremely important because it jurnal otaku will keep you on track.

The third step, ask yourself – how much effort are you willing to put into learning 3D animation to complete your project. No matter how experienced you are, you will always encounter some obstacles that you’ve not seen before while creating your 3D animation. Be able to put in additional time to further your training is a must.

The fourth step, invest a good animation software. This is especially important for beginners. A powerful, complete and easy to use 3D animation software will directly increase the quality of your animation and save your time greatly. Most high end software cost thousands of dollar. Good news is – recently I found a cutting edge 3D animation software that is just as powerful, even easier to use and has a ridiculously low price that anyone can afford. It’s called illusionMage. I strongly recommend this software to everyone who is serious about creating 3D animation. It also comes with one of the best video training program that I’ve seen to hold your hand at each step to learn to create 3D animation. You can learn more info about it at the bottom.

The final step, get your hands dirty! Get your software, watch the training tutorials and start creating! You will never create 3D animation until you start to create 3D animation! With the help of a great software and training program, you will be totally amazed at what you can create.

Hi guys, my name is Jonathan. I’ve been in the digital arts industry for over 28 years. My passion is to help people discover their own artistic talent. I really hope you guys find my article helpful.

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