Warhammer Online Dwarfs Character

The Warhammer Online Dwarfs Army is one of the leading armies of order in “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.” The dwarfs are a tenacious breed of warriors whose strongholds are formed all throughout the Old World’s mountanous regions. They are short and bearded, also bitter and quite stubborn. The dwarfs are known for having long-standing grudges, and even their High King is aptly called Thorgrim Grudgebearer. electronicseeker They are an ancient race whose homeland is called the Worlds Edge Mountains. In Warhammer Online, the dwarfs are soon coming close to extinction. Majority of their strongholds are either ruined or taken by evil creatures. The Dwarves are usually tasked to locate various materials which are rare and hard-to-find, such as precious stones, metals, and minerals. They use these items to make other precious objects, war gear, armors, and vessels. Having a warhammer online dwarfs characters, leveling, and strategy guide will also greatly help your game play.

The Dwarfs are usually pitted against the Greenskins Army in the game. The Greenskins Army is made up of the Dwarfs’ long-time enemies: the orcs and the goblins. There are a lot of war equipment available for the Dwarfs Army: 2-handed weapon, halberd, crossbow, spear, shield, and a choice of light or heavy armor. There are four career options: Ironbreaker, Hammerer, Runepriest, and Engineer. The Ironbreaker is adorned with a heavy, shiny, and ornate Gromril armor. They use well-crafted and heavy-duty skills. Ironbreakers are axe and/or hammer-wielders. They specialize in the blows and attacks they give their opponents. Ironbreakers work best as a group. The Hammerers use heavy objects when bashing things around. Aptly called “hammerers,” they carry very big hammers that they use to hit things. As the game progresses, their strength grows also. Hammerers use medium-weighted armors which are decorated with dwarf motifs. The same motifs decorate their open-face helms.

The third career choice for the Dwarfs is the Dwarf Runepriest. Since dwarfs do not dabble into magic, their next best alternative is runes. They believe in the great power of runes, and those who keep and master the art of runes are called Runepriests. What they do is study the rune languages and also bind runes with other objects that can be used as weapons or armors. Runepriests wear armors that have runes inscribed all over them and they also carry a rune staff. Throughout the game, the runepriests mark their equipment and objects with runes that give protection and power. The last career option for the Dwarfs Army is the Engineer. These are the makers of weapons and vessels. In short, they have the power to make fully functional objects for the war. Because they are more of crafters than warriors, they only wear light armor. This armor is loaded with tools for engineering. However, being the weapons-maker that they are, they are equipped with grenades and pistols. The Dwarfs are also sometimes called the Oathbearers because of their sworn allegiance to their High King. Also take a look at warhammer online dwarfs leveling, characters, and strategy guides to help you improve your game.

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