Top 3 Online Business Opportunities If You Need to Make Money

With the economy continuing to struggle and the unemployment rate continuing to stay high, many people are looking for a way to make money. One tremendous way to make money is an online business.

This article will take a look at the top 3 online business opportunities.

1. One online business that you can run is an article writing business. Many companies are beginning to go to the internet and are in need of content for their new site. As an article writer, you would provide content for their site in order to produce traffic for them.

For instance, a home security top up online company will hire you if they decide to create a website and need content. It will be your job to write articles about home security, using keywords that will produce traffic. The articles are usually anywhere from 200-600 words.

There is plenty of demand for article writers as the web continues to grow and more businesses look to start up a website. You can make anywhere from $5-$60 to write an article, depending on many different factors from length to quality.

2. Another great online business is MLM marketing. If you operate an MLM business, you will get paid to market another person’s product or service. They pay you to get traffic to their site and to essentially sell their product for them.

For instance, a company is selling laptops but wants someone else to market their business. That company will pay you a commission of whatever sales you generate. Commissions tend to be between 2%-10%. So if you generate one sale of a $1,000 laptop, the company will pay you $20-$100.

This is a decent business opportunity if you are able to generate enough sales. You can earn a decent amount of money off commission of sales as an MLM marketer for multiple businesses.

3. The final online business opportunity is one that has been around for awhile now, selling items on the internet. This may seem like a childish business, but there is a lot of money that can be made by selling items on the internet. eBay is the most popular site to do this on.

People who start an eBay business can sell their own items and try to get a decent amount of start-up money, but at some point they will need to expand. The best way to operate this form of business is to purchase items from people at a cheaper price than you know you can get on eBay, essentially becoming a pawn shop.

There is definitely no shortage of people with a surplus of items to get rid of so there can be some good money in this form of business. Start talking around and you can purchase items for cheap and sell them for a profit.

Any of these three business opportunities are great for earning money and could be enough to be your only job. If you are currently unemployed or even if you just want to make some money on the side, these are the top 3 online business opportunities.

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