5 Dangers Of Partisanship, To An Extreme!

Although, there is nothing, new, about partisan politics, the level of extreme – partisanship, we witnessed, these last four years, is, both, concerning, and dangerous! Regardless of one’s political perspectives, and/ or, preferences, the level of extremism, this nation is experiencing, largely because, Donald Trump’s core supporters, and followers, seem enabled, and entitled, by his rhetoric, apparent attitude, and behavior, which encourages (or, at the least, domowyogrod does nothing to discourage), behavior, which might be dangerous, to many, in our society! This President’s loyalists, articulated, apparent threats, and exhibited behavior, which should concern us, both, today, and, into the future! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 clear and present dangers, of this partisanship.

1. Reduces the intentions of the electorate, and the election’s purpose: Americans have always prided – themselves, on the free and fair elections, and the way, the voters, in this country, elect their leaders! When, a group of disappointed supporters of this President, articulate false – claims and accusations, and voice, apparent threats, apparently because, they feel, it must be election fraud (or something), if their man lost, continuously repeating charges, and accusations, which have been repeatedly disproven, it presents a threat to our system, of, choosing our political leaders, based on the votes of the electorate! If, every time, someone loses and election, they threaten violence, etc, what will that do to the core of the nation?

2. Objections must be based on facts: For the four years of his term of office, as well as the years, when he was campaigning, and throughout his non – political life, Donald Trump has had a reputation, for being, far less than truthful, etc! Although, there is always the possibility of fraud, in any election, charges of such, must be investigated, and reviewed, but, this must be done, based on facts, and not, mere, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. After, about 60 court challenges, the Trump campaign, made, and lost, all significant ones, decisively, there must be limitations, on how long, the court, and public’s time, can be misused, based on falsehoods, etc.

3. There must be an ending: Legal challenges, are, and should be, part of our system, but, when these have been exhausted, over, and over, again, at some point, there must be an ending! The State, Federal, Appeals, and Supreme Court, have all examined these complaints, as well as the Judicial Department, and Trump’s appointed Attorney General Barr, and declared, there was no widespread, significant fraud, especially, anything, which would alter the election’s results!

4. Divisive/ polarizing: We are living through divisive, polarizing times, where there seems to be little willingness to seek any meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! This nation is always stronger, when a leader, seeks to unify, rather than appeal, solely, to his core!

5. Harms public’s trust in system: The events of this election cycle, have done significant harm to the public’s trust in the system! The combination of attempted, voter suppression, threats, false accusations, and polarization, are, certainly, a clear and present danger, to what we have considered, the American Way!

Historians will, probably, consider this period of time, in our nation’s history, as one of the most challenging, to the identity of this country! Wake up, America, listen effectively, understand thoroughly, consider realities (instead of populist rhetoric, and promised), and make America sane, again!



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