How I Became a Gambling Affiliate

I started working as a affiliate about four years ago, I was excited to run my own business.

But it wasn’t easy, and things didn’t start as quickly as I hoped.

On several occasions I wanted to pack it in and call it a day, you know the 4am coding sessions where you’re getting nowhere fast and you have no one else to blame except yourself.

But I guess that’s what getting older is all about and especially as an affiliate having grown something yourself and investing 4 years of your life into your baby you soon get over a slump.

It helps to get out in moments like these and try to be sociable (I think that comes from a lack of social interaction during ‘working hours’ as an affiliate), sometimes going for a walk or chilling out in a forum can give you just the brain wave you were looking for.

My advice to any new affiliate starting out is to:

– Not give up after your first hurdle (there will be many)
– Work in a niche or genre you enjoy. For me this happens to be gambling, for you it could be shoes.
– Try to get out or reward yourself every hour or two
– If you can get a mentor and listen to what they say, they have probably done this and gone through a lot and can save you much time, money and frustration.
– Don’t check your stats for the first 3 months, the saying ‘paralysis by analysis’ could not be any truer.
– Experiment

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