Head Up Poker Strategy Ideas

Playing poker one-one one can be a whole lot of fun. Fast-paced and furious, head up poker strategy will be a slight bit different than in games where multiple players are at the table or online. Since this is a more intimate way to play, head up poker strategy is important to employ, especially if bluffing is in order.

To master head up poker strategy, it’s important to first have a good handle on the game itself. No head up poker strategy will work if you can’t recognize a good hand or don’t understand how to build one.

Head up poker strategy extends to just about every game out there. From 5-card stud to Texas Hold’em, the head up poker strategy ideas that tend to pay off the most will depend on the position of play. Let’s take a look at some head up poker strategy ideas:

If you’re the second to act, and …

Your cards are out and your opponent decides to bet:

¬∑Call if your cards don’t justify a raise, but they are worth staying in for.

¬∑Raise if you feel head up poker strategy has paid off and your cards are either better than your opponent’s or you think he or she might be bluffing.

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