Preserving Vintage Movie Posters

Step 1: You can buy a repro knockoff of an acclaimed movie poster and definitely it will be worth the few pennies you shelved. Most of the vintage movie posters are numbered, so be sure that it is real. A lovely “Casablanca” poster, which is original, is worth the pain you got into to get hold of it.

Step 2: The state and the look of the poster is crux. Do not fling with holes, tears or any other damages. Just consider it as an antique. You definitely will not fiddle, with your grandpa’s cigar, would you?

Step 3: One thing that you have to remember is to doff the scotch tape that has been wrapped over holes or tears in the vintage movie poster.

Step 4: You bought a vintage poster – now, you want to display or preserve? Preservation needs care. Never fold it, only roll it.

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