Collecting Classic Movie Posters

For twelve years, from 1973 to 1984, I owned and managed a Movie Book Shop. Wow! Literally, a movie lover’s dream come true. I counted among my customers two film stars, four producers, a cinematographer, two film editors, an award-winning documentary film-maker and three famous directors. (Plus a whole host of TV people. Them, I didn’t count. I’ve never been a fan of television and it’s always amazed me that people are quite happy to watch fourth and fifth-rate entertainment on the box. Television shows are never designed to entertain people but to sell products. If a TV show scores high ratings but fails to sell sufficient products, that show is canceled).

Why do people want to spend a couple of hours with a minuscule-budgeted TV program designed to sell soap, when they could spend the same amount of time far more profitably with a million-dollar movie?

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