Roulette Variation – Way to Beat a Cash Bonus

If you have not already please read the Sticky Bonus article and familiarize yourself with Expected Value before reading further.

I want to discuss a variation to the standard sticky bonus strategy as a necessity rather than an actual playing preference.

Online casinos become adept at spotting profitable player strategy in particular where bonuses are concerned.

Many Casinos are restricting bet size to say less than half of the players initial bankroll (deposit plus bonus). Other Casino groups are taking matters one step further and scrutinizing players entire bet history in order to detect “patterns of bonus abuse” in order to deny a players otherwise legitimate cash out.

In order to combat such over zealous Casino behavior it is timely to consider an alternative to what is considered standard Sticky bonus play.

Enter the Roulette Variation. The strategy is outlined as per a standard 100% match deposit bonus with a starting bankroll of $200:

Select a single number on a single zero Roulette wheel of choice.

Bet $6 straight up on the selected number.

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