Platform is a square utilized when building structures to help the player arrive at higher spots, or to slip securely without taking fall harm.


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2 Usage

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4.2 Block states

4.3 Falling square element

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Framework is broken quickly, and no instruments are required. Platform needs help and drops as a thing in the event that it loses this help.

In Bedrock Edition, framework sets aside a limited quantity of effort to break, however no apparatuses are required by the same token.


Ingredients Crafting formula

Bamboo + Verkoop steigeronderdelen




A pile of platform made by putting another framework block as an afterthought face of the base platform block.

At the point when the base square of framework is wrecked, all platform blocks above it break, like theme plants; this makes it simpler for players to make brief structures.

The position of framework is unique in relation to some other squares in the game. When squeezing use on a framework, the platform is added on top of the most elevated framework in that area, permitting the player to construct the framework structure higher on the ground.‌[Java Edition only]

Pressing use on the top substance of the framework adds the platform aside, contingent upon the heading the player is facing.‌[Java Edition only]

When attempting to put a platform within another framework, the framework is added on top of the most elevated framework in that area, permitting the player to fabricate the platform structure higher on the ground.

While sneaking, squeezing use on the top substance of the platform puts the new framework on top of the focused on one if the top is accessible,

else it is set under the focused on platform if conceivable. Squeezing use as an afterthought while sneaking spots it as an afterthought like putting different squares.

Framework has no impact location. The player can ascend or somewhere near bouncing or sneaking separately. A platform square can be moved by cylinders, permitting them to be broken without any problem.

A graph showing that platform can be put up to 6 streets from the base of help.

Platform can be set up to 6 squares out from its base of help; any further framework put tumbles to the ground.

In Bedrock Edition, framework can’t be put inside magma; if platform is put close to magma or fire, the platform is devastated. On the off chance that it falls into magma or fire, it is demolished right away.

In Java Edition, platform can be put inside magma however consumes after some time.

When holding platform, the hitbox of framework on the planet is a full block.‌[Java Edition only] Otherwise, a player can interface with different squares through the framework.


Platform can be utilized as a fuel in heaters, purifying 2 things for each square in Java Edition, and 6 things for every square in Bedrock Edition.


Sound Subtitle Source Description Namespaced ID Translation key Volume Pitch Attenuation


Square breaking Blocks ? block.scaffolding.hit subtitles.block.generic.hit 0.25 0.5 16

Square broken Blocks ? block.scaffolding.break subtitles.block.generic.break 0.8 1.12 16

Square placed Blocks ? 0.9 0.8 16

Footsteps Blocks ? block.scaffolding.step subtitles.block.generic.footsteps 0.15 1.0 16

None[sound 1] Blocks ? block.scaffolding.fall None[sound 1] 0.5 0.75 16


Information esteems


Java Edition:

Name Namespaced ID Block labels (JE) Translation key

Scaffolding scaffolding climbable block.minecraft.scaffolding

Bedrock Edition:

Name Namespaced ID Numeric ID Translation key

Scaffolding scaffolding 419

Square states

See additionally: Block states

Java Edition:

Name Default value Allowed values Description

bottom false false

true If this framework is skimming.


7 The separation from a middle platform evenly. In the event that it is 7, it turns into a falling square element.

waterlogged false false

true Whether or not there’s water in a similar spot as the platform.

Bedrock Edition:

7 The separation from a middle framework evenly. In the event that it is 7, it turns into a falling square element.

stability_check 0 0

1 If this framework is floating.[verify]

Falling square element

Falling Block

Drifting Scaffolding.png

Hitbox size

Tallness: 0.98 Blocks

Width: 0.98 Blocks

Primary article: Falling Block

Dynamic square element information

Labels normal to all substances []

TileEntityData: Optional. The labels of the square element for this square.

BlockState: The falling square spoke to by this element.

Name: The namespaced ID of the square.

Properties: Optional. The square conditions of the square.

Name: The square state name and its worth.

Time: The quantity of ticks the substance has existed. Whenever set to 0, the second it ticks to 1, it disappears if the square at its area has an unexpected ID in comparison to the substance’s TileID.

In the event that the square at its area has similar ID as its TileID when Time ticks from 0 to 1, the square is erased, and the substance keeps on falling, having overwritten it. At the point when Time goes over 600, or over 100 while the square is beneath Y=0, the element is erased.

DropItem: 1 or 0 (valid/bogus) – valid if the square should drop as a thing when it breaks. Any square that doesn’t have a thing structure with a similar ID as the square doesn’t drop regardless of whether this is set.

HurtEntities: 1 or 0 (valid/bogus) – valid if the square should hurt elements it falls on.

FallHurtMax: The most extreme hit purposes of harm to deliver on elements that converge this falling_block . For vanilla falling_block, consistently 40♥ × 20.

FallHurtAmount: Multiplied by the FallDistance to figure the measure of harm to deliver. As a matter of course this worth is consistently 2.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual necessities (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)

Top of the World.png Top of the World Place framework to the world limit. Place a platform at the world tallness limit. 20G Bronze


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The particular directions are: Scaffolding during Bedrock beta as the squares didn’t have a 3D cross section initially.

September 29, 2018 Scaffolding is declared at MINECON Earth 2018.

Java Edition

1.14 18w45a Standing Scaffolding JE1.png Floating Scaffolding JE1.png Added framework.

18w46a Scaffolding would now be able to be put 6 squares (was 4 squares) out from its base of help without falling.

The purifying of framework has been changed to 0.25.

19w03a When developed from the base, squares, for example, water and plants are currently appropriately positioned above scaffolding.[1][2]

Skimming Scaffolding JE2.png The gliding framework model has been changed.

19w05a Scaffolding would now be able to be immediately broken.

19w12a Standing Scaffolding.png Floating Scaffolding.png The surfaces of platform have been changed slightly.[3]

1.15 Pre-discharge 1 When utilized as a fuel, platform presently purifies 2 things rather than 0.25.

Bedrock Edition

1.8.0 beta Standing Scaffolding JE1.png Floating Scaffolding JE1.png Added platform.

beta Sounds have been added for platform.

A guide in the “How to Play” menu has been added for platform.

Platform currently consumes in magma.

beta The flight controls on touch gadgets subsequent to climbing platform have been fixed.

? Standing Scaffolding BE2.png Floating Scaffolding BE2.png Scaffolding blocks currently have a 3D lattice.

1.11.0 beta Scaffolding would now be able to be put 6 squares (was 4 squares) out from its base of help without falling.

Inheritance Console Edition

1.83 Standing Scaffolding BE2.png Floating Scaffolding BE2.png Added framework.


Issues identifying with “Framework” are kept up on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

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