Winning Lottery Prizes With a Biblical Number Picking System

I read an article a day or two ago which said that individuals can win prizes in the lottery by playing certain numbers that show up in the Bible. Evidently some individual did an automated examination of the numbers that show up in the Bible and has reasoned that God will compensation with lottery bonanzas the individuals who play a specific arrangement of numbers, alongside their birthday events. 

I don’t have a favorable opinion of this framework. Clearly the one who did this “modernized examination” of numbers in the Bible thinks nothing about winning lottery numbers. In all actuality throughout the entire existence of North American lotteries, this present person’s 10 scriptural numbers (and a birthday!) have not been any more fortunate – have not won prizes more regularly – than any of the other non-scriptural numbers. On the off chance that he had set aside the effort to look at which numbers have won in each lottery state, and that data is promptly accessible, at that point he would have discovered that no numbers, scriptural or something else, win more frequently than some other numbers.

What’s more, in light of the fact that a modernized investigation recognizes which numbers show up frequently in the Bible, for what reason should be expect that those numbers currently qualify as fortunate lottery numbers that will win your prizes? My insight into the Bible might be somewhat restricted, yet I don’t recall any place in the Bible where we are told about what lottery numbers to play.

For what reason don’t we do something very similar with other consecrated works? A PC investigation of numbers in these works may be extremely intriguing, yet they would be similarly as useless for discovering prize-winning lottery numbers.

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