The Impacts of Internet Television and Radio Among Young People in Nigeria

There is a growing communication mix with the advent of the internet in Nigeria through online television and radio. More and more young people are beginning to follow television and radio via the internet because of its interactive nature.

News and lifestyle gist are followed more on the internet by teenagers than in main stream media, in spite of the fact that the nation accounts of several television and FM radio stations. The social media has made it easier for people to watch videos through Facebook, and YouTube. Several millions of people around the world have been reached through online television and radio platforms.

The fact is that young people are attracted to online television and radio because they are a computer savvy generation. More so because social interactions have moved to space. The internet gives them the opportunity to connect with like minds with little or no restrictions.

Interestingly, agenda setting is being tailored through internet communication, from music to entertainment. Live and real-time updates has made the internet a place to be for many artists, musicians and media analysts. An internet television and radio presenter, Mr. Barry Nwibira of AKPO’s online TV/Radio said that his station enjoys a massive followership from young people, that the future is here with the internet. He stated that the programme he currently anchors ‘Campus Matters’ is trending among the youth population. The response was the same for online Television Nijiezie and Kemdrex TV.


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