What Do We Expect For the Digital Camera in 2010?

When we still recall the surprise and excitement brought by the 2009 digital camera market, keen competition has got started in 2010. What the wholesale digital camera market will be since the manufacturers such as the Kodak, Canon, Sony, Samsung and Benq release the new products constantly in March.

Branded with Individuality each one

According to the stylish digital cameras pushed out by the manufacturers, the bright and magnificent design comes to be a point. It comes to be sort of color culture which makes the consumers enjoy the individual color while they take quality pictures.

The 1400, 0000 pixels have stretched to the limit on the condition that there are no changes with the size of the consumer cameras’ sense element. On the LCD screen, except the folding screen appears, I’m afraid that the 3.5 inch screen is also the limit.

Lasting popularity with touch screen

The touch screen of the digital camera can offer the users direct touch operation, thus, more and more manufacturers start to attach importance to the intellectualized operation. The SLICE series are the latest cameras with wide touch screen launched by Kodak. It features with 1400 0000 pixels, five times zoom, 3.5inch touch screen, smart shooting mode, shaking resistance and HD.

What’s more, it comes with the smiling face identification function. The touch technology brings people more enjoyable shooting experience. The multi touch is also expected in the digital camera field.

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