For Something To Change, You Need to Change!

Have you heard the expression: “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting!”? To expect different results is the definition of insanity. For our business to grow, there are times when we must stop, review, assess and make some changes.

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would truly astound ourselves.” – Thomas Edison, 1847-1931

It takes creative genius, some days, to keep our businesses going and growing. Other times, we just need to be open to new ideas and new ways of getting our message out there.

Today, I want to share some things that have worked very well for me – and, perhaps, you just haven’t tried them yet!

Radio Shows: This is such a great way to get some publicity. Today, Blog Talk Radio is a popular forum for many entrepreneurs. If you just Google the words Blog Talk Radio and then insert your industry – I am confident that you will get contact information for many different radio shows and hosts. As well, there is always LIVE radio! I host my own show, monthly, and have had the opportunity to interview some very amazing guests. So, start today – make contact – get prepared – ensure you are approaching radio hosts with something to offer THEM…….it’s not all just about you.

Video: A few years ago, video marketing didn’t even exist – at least, it wasn’t the phenomenon that it is now. So easy to do – and it’s free – so why wouldn’t you? Get yourself a You Tube video account, buy a flipcam (or some sort of recorder) and start talking. Find ways to be creative and unique – but, bottom line, get your message and your face out there.

Information Products: This is another very easy and economical way to promote your business – your message to the world. Again, check out your industry and see what people are offering. This can be anything from a one-page special report (PDF download for your subscribers) through to a full-blown, extensive Home Study System.

Ezine: This is simply an electronic newsletter. Most entrepreneurs have one now. My tips to you include: keep it professional, keep it simple, ensure it provides great (and relevant) content, and add a bit of your own personality to it. Many of my colleagues have a section at the end of their ezine for ‘classified ads’ – that can be one way of generating some revenue. I recommend that your ezine be sent out weekly – every other week, at the very least. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it. People won’t remember you!


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