Easy Tips on Marketing Yourself

One of my top mentors, Alexandria Brown shared during a tele-seminar that “Your number one job is NOT to SELL a thing.” What is your job? It’s to market. Marketing is far superior to the mastery of the service or product that you sell.

Now, I’m not saying NOT to strive to be your very best in all that you do. I’m just saying, if you learn to market correctly, the rest will fall into place. Yes, I admit there you have to put in a little elbow grease in the beginning, but after that everything just really begins to flow. Meaning, you guessed it, the sales will start rolling in, and your customer base will begin to grow very quickly.

Your focus needs to be on marketing. If not, you’ll constantly be spinning your wheels on trying to figure out what you are doing wrong. If you learn marketing correctly you will be “golden” with anything you market. There are many ways for you to market and grow your business. I’m sure you’ve heard of many, or in fact all of these. It’s not rocket science and really most are easy to do and if they aren’t you just hire a virtual assistant to do them for you. My question to you is, are you doing them all on a consistent basis? Having a marketing schedule in place is must. It doesn’t have to be a big task, just continuous.

Here are a few of the top tools that I enjoy using in my coaching practice for Homepreneurs:

1.) One of the easiest, most proven ways to attract new business is to gain status as a recognized authority and/or sought after resource in your field of expertise. Build your branding – who are you, what are you all about, get personal, get REAL so others can associate with you. You’ll begin to attract new customers into your business because they can relate to you. And, please be yourself in everything you do.

Get yourself seen on forums and start speaking at other professionals events and/or tele-seminars. Most will be happy for new content and fresh faces.

2.) Use the media and other forms of press releases to get FREE traffic to your website. Even free advertising is a good way to build your list.

3.) Post mini-websites/capture pages in the search engines so customers will find you with key words.

4.) Use pay-per-click engines Now for-warning here, do your due diligence in learning how pay-per-click advertising works first. There are great tutorials that I can suggest to you that are easy to understand and inexpensive. Start with a small budget at first, say about $200-$300 a month, or really whatever you feel comfortable with, while you are testing it out.

You can always outsource this to an expert as well. It may cost a little more in the beginning, but it could save you in the end. Plus, it will allow you to keeping creating versus getting bogged down by the “techie stuff”.

5.) Use an auto-responder, there are many out there, we use Aweber, constant contact is good too and there are others as well. This truly is a “set and forget it” type product. Use it to send out valuable information that others can use. Use it to keep your soon to be customers updated on tele-classes, good tips, your newsletter, etc. I usually do about 2 mailings a week.

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