Ways to Eliminate Static Electricity

The chilly winter months in Atlanta can give you a sudden jolt… literally. This is because of the increase in the production of static electricity during the winter months due to the absence of moisture in the air as compared to the summer and monsoon seasons. With static electricity being omnipresent in our hair, clothes, and also on our doorknobs, gjstatic it is no surprise that Atlanta electricians receive a large number of calls asking them for ways and means to eliminate static electricity.

The clothes sticking to your body and the standing hair after a removing your woolen skull cap are nothing but signs of static electricity. Static electricity is the accumulation of negatively and positively charged electrons on the surface of materials that are usually poor conductors of electricity. The static current increases when two bad conducting materials come into contact with each other.

Static electricity can prove to be a big menace during the winter months and could be easily avoided by keeping in mind some simple tricks, such as:

Wear clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton, jute, silk, etc., as they are good conductors of electricity as compared to synthetic materials. Also use a dryer sheet and a fabric softener while doing the laundry, as this will prevent static build up.
There are several commercial products that can eliminate static charge. You can use a homemade spray on your clothes to prevent this electrical build up by mixing a part of your regular fabric softener with 10 parts of water.

Asking an electrical contractor in Atlanta to install a humidifier in your home could also help decrease the number of annoying static shocks. Installing a humidifier would also bring down your heating bills, as your home will start feeling warmer even in winter. A humidifier prevents the drying of your skin and your throat so that you can breathe more easily.
Humidifiers can prevent electric shocks around electronic equipment. If you cannot afford to install a humidifier in your home, simply simmer water on the stove and add some spices like potpourri and cinnamon to it to create a beautiful fragrance in your home and also reduce static electricity. Do not forget to shut off the stove before going out or before you go to bed.

Some of the other ways to reduce static charge in your home is to make use of anti static mats and rugs in your home and make use of rubber soled footwear while working in the home. Atlanta electrical contractors also recommend using wireless devices, as they reduce the chances of static discharge. Remember these tips to keep static electricity at bay.


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