Using Boost Mobile Blackberry As a Modem

Before I became a Boost user, I used to ask myself the question, “Can I use my Boost Mobile Blackberry as modem for internet on my notebook?”. The short answer is, Yes.

Utilizing a phone’s internet instantboostup capabilities is important for many people when they are choosing a phone service. Internet usage on mobile devices is only becoming more common and is not going away.

The ability to use your Boost Mobile Blackberry as modem should go a long way to help make your life with Boost service a more enjoyable endeavor.

Here is a review on how to use your Boost Blackberry as a modem. You may use any Boost Blackberry phone as a modem on your notebook, PC, or Mac.

The Blackberry phones offered by Boost are the Blackberry 8330 or the Blackberry Curve 8530 by Boost Mobile – you may use either boost phone as a modem on your notebook, PC, or Mac.

Requirements to use Boost Blackberry as modem:

    • USB data cable for connecting your Blackberry to your notebook, PC, or Mac


    • For Internet via Bluetooth – Your Notebook, PC, or Mac must have a Bluetooth adapter


  • PDA Net by June Fabrics or similar program


Most programs will not force you to purchase the software, only haggles are pop-ups letting you know it’s time to purchase if you are still using it. If you plan to use it often – I would purchase the licensed version for support.

That is basically it in a nut shell. As I said you may find other programs other than PDA Net out there, which can accomplish the same task of connecting your Boost Blackberry or other device to your computer(s). Look around the internet to see what you think would be best for you.

Boost offers a lot of great features in that you can pay for this service – and do away with your own internet bill! Yes! You can really do this and only pay $60 or less, which is pretty amazing if you are a little patient. You are not going to get blazing fast DSL or Cable Internet speeds – rather 36k-56k type of a connection.

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