Read These Tips If You Are You Considering A Motor Coach Tour Vacation This Year

Is it the “in” thing to travel in a motor coach this year?

How cool is it to see our beautiful national parks in the west, and historical aspects of the east coast, and unhurried heart of America in the middle USA? And, to see these places up close on escorted group tour vacations which are drive-free and planning-free for individuals is ideal.

A new study from the DePaul University School of Public Service disclosed, “that motor coach travel is enjoying a significant rebirth and expanding throughout the country at the fastest rate in more than 40 years.”

“This study confirms that more Americans are choosing motorcoach travel as congestion worsens, delays and hassles become more prevalent, and environmental stewardship is top of mind,” said Peter J. Pantuso, president and CEO of the American Bus Association.

What makes motor coach attractive to people?

One, it is drive-free for you. You do not have to worry about other drivers cutting you off, nor waiting in traffic. Two, there is a professional tour director to manage details every day for you as hotel and meal logistics, your luggage. Three, you generally pay one price for your vacation.

Be careful, as there are many motor coach tours to choose from, most itineraries include all components for one price. Motor coach travel is similar to that of traveling by cruise ships offering economical tours versus the upscale tours. The scenery changes every couple of days as you travel to different regions of remote country to lively cities. And, you get to look at attractions like the mountains, ocean and city views (instead of having your eyes glued to the road while driving).

Yes, my favorite method of travel is on a group motor coach tour. As a professional tour director and learning from many experiences of managing people on tours, keep these following tips in mind when you travel:

o Don’t hog the front seats. Even though most group tours have a seat-rotation method, your fellow travelers will quietly hate you if you are one of those selfish spoilsports who gulp breakfast every day in order to grab the shotgun rows.

o Don’t be late. Everyone can oversleep once, especially in a new time zone. Have you actually listened to what your fellow comrades are saying about you on the bus if they have to wait for you a second time?

o Don’t complain about things the tour director cannot fix. To name a few: the weather, the exchange rate, the maddening insistence of foreign countries on using currencies other than the dollar, the number of tourists in Europe who want to visit the same places you do, the number of stairs that Emperor Franz Josef built into his summer palace.

o Do complain about things tour director can fix. Tour Directors actually relished being to eos-tour fix items on behalf of their guests: balky air conditioners, underdone steaks, twice-billed wine, and noisy rooms.

o Don’t steal the bananas. Each morning, I searched for a banana (for my cereal, don’t you know), and every day the buffet was banana-less. Finally, I complained (see Rule 4) and learned that hotels commonly hide unpeeled fruit from big bus groups because it all gets stolen for lunches! Please don’t strip the buffet to save yourself a few dollars (or euros), and maybe they’ll give us our bananas back.



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