Are You a Metrosexual Guy?

A man who cares specifically about his appearance and spends a certain amount of time and money on his lifestyle is called a metrosexual. Answer these questions to find out if you are a metrosexual.

Do homosexuals try to pick you up? It’s already happened because you’re a metrosexual. Who can blame them? Even though you were flattered, you are, in reality, a hetero. When the word, “metro-sexual,” was first used, it referred to men who looked like gay men, but were not homosexual.

Do you use a handbag? Metro Blog Online
The fact that a man owns a purse is his admission into the world of metrosexuality. Salutations!!! What designer was it? You can find a very attractive man’s handbag at PurseBlog online. You will discover the ten hottest metrosexual guy handbags at Kineda.

Take a look at the socks you are wearing and identify the emotions they generate when you gaze at them. Try to think of what color socks you are wearing while you are reading this. Can these really be designer socks? Was your sock choice based on proximity or sartorial harmony? Do you shop for socks only? How much you think about what socks to wear reflects your interest in your clothes: Metrosexual men think a lot about their socks and everything else they wear.

Are you a wearer of tight white briefs? I apologize for that. Metrosexuals would not want to be seen in traditional close fitting white underwear. They prefer to go not wearing the undies than to give up and wear those tight white ones. Going without underwear is very appealing to a metrosexual (perhaps wearing his brand new leather trousers!)

How many products do you use on your hair? What term do you use in reference to the items you put on your hair? If you answer yes to both of these options you are a metro. If you have highlighted your hair, more points for you!

Ever tried alternatives to shaving? Do you try — waxing, tweezing, laser, electrolysis? In the event that this is the case, you are getting into metrosexual territory. Have you received the services of Spa? Does a paraffin dip soothe you? Metrosexuals get manicures, pedicures, facials and exfoliate. If you are a regular customer and/or you know your stylist outside of the salon, good for you!

Do you use items that belong to your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother? Do you find yourself always borrowing your work pal’s stash of lotion every afternoon? Has your gal pal been curious about why her toner seems to be running out so fast? Do you use her shaving gel when she’s not looking? What do you think when you look at her? Metro alert!

It would seem that the trend of metrosexuality is ending. However, not for a minute am I convinced that Becks will surrender his share of the market (only if Posh allow him to do it) without a fight! To read more on this topic, take a look at quality dating blogs.


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