How to Prevent an Ich Problem Affecting Your Goldfish

If you have taken proper care of your goldfish by maintaining the water quality of your fish tank, then Ich attacking your goldfish is not your fault. It simply happens. Here you will clearly learn what this Ich is and how to encounter this problem.

The other names of goldfish Ich are goldfish ick, ichthyophthiriasis, or white spot. Ich is protozoan parasite which attacks goldfish. Moreover, this parasite can affect every freshwater fish. It not only causes problems to goldfish, but also to discus fish, betta fish in fact any variety of tropical aquarium collection.

This kind of parasite is generally always there in aquariums, fish ponds or fish tanks. However, poor aquarium maintenance, dirty water, stress, and even a weakened immune system can enhance the possibility that your goldfish fall victim to this parasite.

Symptoms of Ich

– Ich symptoms include fast breathing, anorexia, tendency to hide abnormally, frequent resting on the tank bottom, red flashes, rubbing against various tank objects.

Signs of Ich

– Fish skin and fin may show tiny white spots.

– Generally fins remain folded.

– Eyes of your goldfish may become cloudy

– Gill infection may lead to abnormally fast and rapid breathing.

Ich is a painful disease and can cause a lot of irritation to goldfish. Moreover, if proper treatment is not discus fish collecting  administered at the right time it can kill your goldfish as well. But one good thing is that as this is a very common disease associated with goldfish, there are a lot of remedies available at various pet shops.

If your fish show symptoms of Ich they can very easily be treated in your very fish tank. You just need to go to a pet store and buy common chemicals like formalin and malachite green which should be mixed in the water tank. Please check the quantity you are going to use. There will be instructions on the pack itself. They will prove very effective in controlling the disease.

Another helpful measure against the disease is to add quite a lot of salt to the tank water to make it toxic enough to the Ich parasite. But if your tank has other tropical fish apart from goldfish then you should not add salt as some of those fish may not feel comfortable in toxic water.

Apart from these you can also consider increasing the temperature of fish tank to a particular level which the Ich parasite will not be able to sustain.



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