Heddon Fishing Lures – 2 Reasons They Are In Great Demand

Among all the fishing lures, Heddon fishing lures are one of the most wanted and accumulated antique lures. Over a hundred years ago, the factory which manufactured hand made Haddon fishing lures under the guidance of James Heddon, the initial founder, was started. Later two of his sons, William and Charles continued the expansion of the variety and started marketing many new kinds of lures and baits. The most popular and famous one was Heddon Dowagiac Perfect Casting Bait, which is still immensely popular among the collectors of this day.

1. The coloring pattern of Heddon fishing lures

The color of frog’s scale is the most well-known of the coloring design which is used for the different kinds of Heddon fishing lures. The body tint design is usually a burnt orange or green yellow body on a fishing lure with a highly variable greenish brown to almost black hexagonal shaped scale pattern across the back and the sides of the lure, with the abdomen the color of the background. On these lures with frog scale colors the painting is in great details and they are thought to be among the rarest and highly valued of Heddon fishing lures. Several of the plugs that have the famed coloration have a head end that is bright red also, which makes them perfect fishing in freshwater even in murky and cloudy waters.

Many imaginative designs were included in the minnow collection of Heddon fishing lures. The perch or green colored minnow is one such design that presented remarkable  serial frog facets in their bodies that are patterned, elaborate looking cup rig and eyes of glass. These lures also had treble hooks or three single separate hooks; one is at the tail side and two in the middle on the out side of each segment of the lure. This hook assembly assists in balancing the lure in the water giving a realistic appearing arrangement and stability.

2. The valuable containers of Heddon Lures

The containers that the fishing lures of Heddon are sold in are another feature that makes them exceedingly collectible. The lure is by itself valuable, but along with the novel box, it makes a genuine collector’s heart skip a beat. The serial number, patent information, color scale designation, and the Heddon lure name is put on each box on the outside for every lure. The boxes are identified apart by the variety of artwork that the box has put on it or the kind of imprint, on the box, with the information.

Many people like to not just collect the fishing lures of Heddon but also trade their collections to others. This is a serious business for many. You could find several books and catalogues on the subject of fishing lures from Heddon. These books give all the details about the market value currently, the assessment and evaluation and the identification of Heddon fishing lures. You could also think about joining one of these groups and learn about this appealing facet of fishing history.



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