8 Great Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Ottawa

Considering renting an apartment in Ottawa? Here are eight great reasons why Canada’s capital city is an excellent place to live, work, and stay:

· Ottawa is a world-class city, ranking near the top of the list on several surveys conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. For example, Ottawa is ranked:

4th in the world for Best Health and Sanitation;

18th in the world (and 3rd overall in North America) for Best Quality of Life;

The least expensive major North American city to live in.

In 2008, Ottawa was also named as the Carpet Cleaning Service Ottawa  best place to live in Canada by the financial magazine, MoneySense.

· As Canada’s capital city, Ottawa is home to a variety of historical buildings and landmarks, including Parliament Hill and the famous Rideau Canal (now a UN World Heritage site). When you live in an Ottawa apartment rental, you also find dozens of fantastic national museums and galleries devoted to Canadian arts, nature, science, technology, aerospace, and much more – right in your own backyard! There’s always something to see in Ottawa, a city rich with tradition.

· Ottawa is home to numerous world-class national and international festivals and events throughout the year, including the Canadian Tulip Festival, Winterlude, Ottawa BluesFest, and Canada Day celebrations. These spectacular events create memories for a lifetime and attract visitors from all over the world – definitely a great way to spend a few hours (or a few days) in the capital!

· Of course, Ottawa isn’t all museums and festivals. As a national capital on the world stage, Ottawa also enjoys first-class fine dining, live entertainment, and vibrant nightlife – just one of the perks of renting an apartment here, especially an apartment in Downtown Ottawa.

· Due to its location right on the Ontario-Quebec border, as well its role as the nation’s capital, Ottawa is a very multicultural city. Not only are most city services offered in both English and French, but Ottawa also offers the chance to take in a host of different cultures, languages, and religions from around the globe, reflecting a truly diverse community.

· Ottawa is a great place to pursue academic studies. With six major colleges and universities in the National Capital Region, as well numerous technology institutes and professional schools, Ottawa is home to a highly integrated and flexible education system. Plus, the student apartments in Ottawa are all very affordable, comfortable, and convenient!

· While the “tech bubble” may have burst, Ottawa is still a hotbed of high-tech research and development. There are currently more than 1,800 advanced technology companies in the region (employing more than 76,000 people), and an amazing 90% of Canada’s telecommunications R&D is conducted in the Ottawa area. Simply put, Ottawa is one smart city!

· Ottawa is the perfect place to raise a family. With an abundance of parks and green space, a rich number of sports and educational programs, well as excellent public and private education options, Ottawa provides a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to raise children. In addition, with all of the attractions mentioned above, renting an apartment in Ottawa allows your children to experience the world’s many cultures and histories through festivals, museums, and the arts.

These are just a handful of the many great reasons to rent an apartment in Ottawa. So, what are you waiting for? Come make an apartment in Canada’s capital city your home – we’re waiting for you!



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