Decks, Patios, and Porches – Ideas For Year Round Enjoyment For Friends and Family

The spring season is the starting point for outdoor enjoyment. As summer comes along, throwing a  deck builder reunion party for the family is a common occurrence while all of the children are out of school. Even part of the fall season might be able to be spent outside with a grill and friends. What allows an individual to do this is a deck.

Decks are one of those under appreciated home investments that are sorely under utilized. Most standard builders just build the minimum housing requirements which will allow the homeowner to experience a minimum amount of enjoyment. The standard 6′ X 4′ back patio isn’t large enough to do much of anything. Adding a full deck to the back of the home is like adding a whole new living space.

Granted, in inclement weather, most people don’t enjoy contending with the rain, snow, or wind. The wisest investment would be to incorporate a new deck or existing deck under a covered or screened in setup. This is the only way to guarantee almost complete year round use of the deck, while still allowing fresh air to circulate.

There are many different methods to create an enclosed deck. A few types that are not common are a series of sliding doors that may be extended to close off the outside from annoyances, such as bugs or noise. When a clear and open deck is desired, the homeowner simply has to open the overlapping extended doors to return to the outside. Other configurations include actually creating a wall with screened windows, although this almost like adding a finished new addition.

Perhaps the least common setup is one that an individual would expect to find in a hacienda in Spain or Mexico. Having a partially enclosed deck or back patio with walls will help shield the occupants from the extremes of weather. Without actual windows or screens filling in the open spaces allows the homeowners to be part of the natural outside which is the main goal of having a deck in the first place.

Regardless of the house, any deck, whether it is covered or enclosed, is able to be designed and constructed with the existing architectural style in mind. Many deck builders don’t have an architectural design background needed to accomplish this so it is usually best to consult and choose a builder or remodeler which specializes in exteriors. If this isn’t done, the deck the homeowner is likely to get is just a large basic square platform without any inviting style or flare.

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