10 Ways to Burn Calories Doing Your Chores and Having Fun

Not only do we drive everywhere instead of walking nowadays, but we have bought all the time and energy saving devices for home and kitchen. These fat bike elettrica motore bafang that they help us do our chores with less effort and therefore help to reduce the health of our bodies.

Now that we have all these gadgets we need to find ways of doing jobs that need human effort and energy to get them done. The thing that we do not do nowadays is use up excess energy but we have to learn to as we cannot store it for a later date.

The following 10 are some ways of burning off calories using this excess energy:

1) Use the stairs instead of an escalator or lift.

2) Walk or ride a bike to work or to the shops. If there is more than one way to your destination take the loner and if one is up a hill go that way.

3) Do your housework at a faster pace. Treat the work like an exercise routine and put on some music. This will help you make the chores go quicker and help you burn more calories.

4) Mow the lawn with a push and pull manual lawn mower. As long as your garden is the size that will cope with this machine.

5) Wash the dishes by hand. By cleaning all the dishes manually you save on the electric bill and burn up some calories that you consumed during the meal that caused the dirty dishes.

6) Rake the leaves in the garden. By raking them up vigorously for 20 minutes you do the same amount of exercise as you would, doing a 1 mile run.

7) Park and shop. Most people park as close as they can to the shop doors. Instead of doing this why not park as far away as you can and get in a little bit of brisk walking.

8) Go for a walk. Now if you own a dog this one is easy but if not walk someone else’s or use an MP3 player to make it seem less boring.

9) Drink 8 pints of ice water a day. It has been written in Men’s Health magazine that your body will use up 123 calories of heat daily to warm up the water to body temperature.

10) In the kitchen chop up the vegetables yourself instead of using and electric chopping devise. Whisk or stir everything by hand instead of with a machine.

Bonus-Never miss out on breakfast as it has been proven in studies that if you miss breakfast you tend to eat more in the day and the food is also often of higher calorie content.

To sum up, just look around the house at the jobs you do daily and see what ones can be done manually that will help your health and reduce the bills.

To burn fat you need

1. Change diet

2. Exercise

3. Take supplements

4. Drink water

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